Crisis Line.  A 24 hour helpline.

Toronto Counselling Centre for Teens.  I also own this practice and am one of the therapists there.

June Starkey is a learning specialist. She was a teacher and now trains future teachers at teacher’s college.  She also has a private practice in the west end of Toronto where she works with students who are struggling to help them active optimal success with their studies.  She accepts clients that either have or haven’t been psychologically tested.  I refer students to her if I suspect they may have a processing disorder, ADHD/ADD or any sort of learning disorder.

Dr. Kim Callaghan is a Naturopath that specializes in women and children.  My kids and I see her and I regularly refer clients to her.

The Gerstein Centre.  Provides crisis intervention to adults living in Toronto who experience mental health struggles.

Barbra Schlifer Clinic.  Offers legal help, counselling and language interpretation to women who have experienced violence.